Garden Onions plant onion sets they are simply the best crop to grow for your self. Onions are easy to care for. Plant your onions water fertilizer and you have great tasting green onions or wait a little longer and get larger onions for slicing and eating.  Just divide your multiplier onions and replant one so you always have some in the ground. Now eat your onions and shortly you will have more onions to eat. our Multiplier onions will come back year after year. You only buy onions one time. Save some sets for replanting and eating. Order our onions or Daylilies now Click Here or click below the variety you are interested in. Enjoy your onions year round grow some in pots for out of season green onions.

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White Multiplier onions White Multiplier Onions  

 White Multiplier Onion

Great to use as green onions or small white bulb onions. Harvest for green onions anytime they are growing or harvest white onions when the tops die back.  Should be hardy everywhere. Great for green onions winter in southern regions or spring in the northern areas. It will grow in almost any well-drained soil, however, for best results a rich sandy loam is preferred.



White top setting onions

White Topset Onions

Heritage Sweet White Topsetting Onion
Our Heritage strain of multiplying, top-set onions is similar to the red Egyptian Onion. However, it produces many more scallions per bulb planted. Virgil T. Ainsworth of So So, Mississippi said: "I ordered Heritage Sweet White top-sets last fall and I never had any that multiplied into such large clumps. They did great. Last fall when I set the sets out I placed them about seven inches apart. By spring they had multiplied so much that each clump was touching each other." We like to hear from satisfied customers like Virgil. These can be harvested as table ready scallions from late summer until late spring or early summer when they become dormant. During the heat of summer these plants become dormant and can be harvested as a bulb, averaging about one inch in diameter. These bulbs are excellent for cooking or pickling. This variety can produce clumps of 50 or more scallions per year. They are extremely winter hardy and can even he harvested during the winter, if the ground thaws sufficiently to allow digging. This variety grows to approximately two feet in height. This white top-set was originally found growing as an old family heirloom in Florida. It has also been proven hardy in all zones of the United States. It will grow in almost any well-drained soil, however, for best results a rich sandy loam is preferred.